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Japan 044-0084
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​Yoshihiro Seno, Zaborin’s Hokkaido born executive chef has returned to his roots to re-evaluate the meaning of ‘locality’ in his cooking.

From his experience with ‘kaiseki‘ and ‘washoku‘ techniques, to his direct contact with the farmers and producers, Chef Seno is able to bring out the very best of his ingredients, embracing its natural form and spirit. Zaborin’s signature style is what we would refer to as a northern version of kaiseki, ‘kita-kaiseki‘, more tactile and ‘natural’ than the Kyoto kaiseki menus.

Yoshihiro Seno, Executive Chef

Born in Hokkaido, Chef Seno’s unique career began as engineering designer before he decided to pursue ‘washoku‘.

He worked in many Japanese restaurants in New York City, later moving to Tokyo, before returning to Hokkaido. His varied experiences created an appreciation of the true meaning of ‘locality’ and the realisation that he needed to return back to his home, Hokkaido.

It is here, with the abundance of exceptional local ingredients, that he felt he would be able to fulfil his passion and create his own definition of local cuisine. His ambition and creativity became a natural fit with the vision of Zaborin.