76-4 Hanazono Kutchan-cho,
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido,
Japan 044-0084
+81 136 23 0003


Inspired by the Zen ‘zazen’(坐禅), the name Zaborin merges the traditional Japanese characters, ‘zabo’ (坐 忘) meaning “to sit, to forget” and the character ‘rin’ (林) representing a small forest or wood.

Amidst the encompassing beauty of its natural surroundings, Zaborin
(坐忘林) combines all the best of Japanese tradition, nature, cuisine and contemporary style, creating a refuge of simplicity and serenity. A place amongst the trees to sit and to forget.

Zaborin is an intimate ryokan of only 15 villas that reveres tranquility and privacy. Each villa has its own private indoor and outdoor bath with spring water fed directly from the Zaborin onsen. The hot spring is also used as a sustainable source of energy.

Zaborin is nestled in the quiet of a private forest in Hanazono, and surrounded by a pristine expanse of Hokkaido landscape, feels remote despite its easy access to the resorts nearby. Zaborin blends a tranquil, traditional Japanese experience with all the modern comforts and amenities.

We hope that you will find time to visit us and let go of the stress of everyday life.