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Hot Spring

The onsen (hot spring) tradition dates back thousands of years and Japanese culture embraces it as both a luxury and daily necessity.

At Zaborin, each villa boasts a private indoor and an outdoor onsen (known as the ‘rotenburo’). Sourced from almost a kilometre below ground, the water arrives in abundance at the perfect bathing temperature. This rarity is known as “gensen kakenagashi” (overflowing natural hot spring) and is the most revered of all onsen types.

The onsen water is rich in minerals, appreciated for its “qi” (energy) properties that have been absorbed from the surrounding nature, and especially beneficial to well being and health. Zaborin’s onsen has already rated as one of the best in the country.

As part of Zaborin’s ethos of environmental awareness and sustainability, the Zaborin spring is also a source of natural energy for under-floor heating and melting snow in the driveway.