76-4 Hanazono Kutchan-cho,
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido,
Japan 044-0084
+81 136 23 0003


For us, ‘being green’ isn’t only about social conscience but also about understanding and respecting nature. We have challenged ourselves to be creative about how we reduce, re-use, and recycle with the natural resources we have.

Zaborin uses its natural hot spring water for underfloor heating and hot water needs. Conversely, in the summer months, 6°C water from the volcanic spring is used to cool the rooms and also for chillers such as the wine cellar. Heating roads using hot water is not unusual in onsen towns throughout Japan, but Zaborin’s infrastructure of both heating and cooling, indoor and outdoor, throughout the ryokan is unique.

The timber used to prepare the land has not gone to waste. The exterior of the building has been covered in a protective layer made out of wood. This wood is simply the off-cuts from timber mills which we have treated and use for cladding. The timber is soaked in a treatment made with the smoke waste from charcoal production to give it its durable exterior that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Since we are benefitting from such beautiful natural surroundings, it is only right that Zaborin aims to be conscientious and respectful of its environment. We believe this is an ongoing process and will continue to strive and improve our attitudes to sustainability and the part we play in the welfare of the environment.