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This is a ‘duplicated’ post; please always use ‘Clone’ when creating new posts – this ensures the necessary layout features for your post will always be correct, and makes the whole process very quick.

To ‘clone’ a post, simply hover over the most recent post in the ‘All Posts’ page ( and click the ‘Clone’ button that appears – then edit the cloned page. (As with all technical things, you may need to do it once or twice to get the hang of it.)

Then, the only boxes you need to insert your content into are:

‘Featured Image’, ‘Blog Excerpt’ and this one, ‘Blog Content’


Please also note you should always create blog content across all languages (importantly Japanese). If you’re not writing any text though, there’s probably little point.


To insert an image inside the content area, simply click the ‘Add Media’ button above.

When inserting an image, make sure that the ‘Medium’ image size is selected and additionally the align is ‘Centered’;  this should be already set anyway, so you probably won’t need to change anything.


This is more text.

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